The Sardinia Secrets project

Passion, knowledge and experience for an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia

The Sardinia Secrets project was born from the idea of a group of young friends, driven by a mutual passion for our homeland, who share the same idea of family hospitality.

Through Sardinia Secrets we aim at providing direct and easy access to our passion, knowledge and experience, thus offering our guests the unforgettable opportunity to go back in time while staying in one of our houses.

Our goal is to make our guests feel part of our family, offering them the opportunity to live an authentic cultural experience.

The simple lifestyle, the peace and quiet of our villages, their history and the fascinating stories of their inhabitants, the moving encounters with the elders, among the longest-living people in the world, this is what Sardinia Secrets aims at sharing with their guests.

But then, what is the secret to this unique holiday? It is simply relying on authentic people, who will make your stay a succession of genuine, unique and memorable moments.

We are Sardinia Secrets

With Sardinia Secrets we want to make available our passions, knowledge and experiences acquired in recent years to make our guests relive an authenticity of the past.