Domu Antiga

Sardinia small lifestyle hotel -Be swept away to a wonderful land of memories, nestled between ancient walls and protected by a warm, starry night.
Marchio Domu Antiga

In the heart of the Sarcidano, lies a valley surrounded by the silver tones of olive trees, adorned by the green of the vineyards, the fields of wheat and the pastures dotted with white by the passing herds of sheep, here we find just a handful of houses, may we say nary more than a simple manger, in these narrow streets in the shadow of a loyal and protecting bell tower we find treasures of art enclosed between marble and naves filled with incense.

A historic home from the 1800s, made comfortable thanks to a respectful restoration, welcome you to help you discover the dimensions of a time out of time, to taste again the slow rhythm of the hours that leave space to thoughts and to dreams, all wrapped up in the sweet smell of baking bread in a traditional bread oven.


Contact the hotel

    Via 4 mori 3, 09055 Gergei SU
    +39 347 921 0309





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