Mario Cesare

Sardinia charming cottage - An ancient atmosphere.
Marchio Mario Cesare

Gergei, a small village in Sardinia, located in a basin surrounded by olive trees, seems to tell, in its stone streets, the history of a lost world, where time was slow and life was simpler and serene . And more than anywhere else, time seems suspended in this house, that, of the small town, is one of the oldest houses as it certainly built at the end of the ‘700.

A house dear to the heart of many people who appreciate the art and lifestyle of his last owner, Mario Cesare. He was a self-taught painter, who preserved the house from contaminations that erase a past rich in ancient traditions.

Giulia, a young graduate, after having worked in England and Australia where she met her husband, returned to Gergei and with the enthusiasm and the love for her land, she wanted to realize a dream with Her husband to share with other dreamers who want to try, even for a few days, the emotion of stopping between ancient walls and the peace of an almost forgotten time, find the charge to resume the journey.


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    Via Logudoro 20, 09055 Gergei SU
    +39 345 231 4474





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